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Mytesla status


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Hi @Sterling, @Hambo,

Please excuse the delayed reply.

We implemented some much needed changes for the polling of vehicles using the connection to Tesla, among others around the 10th of August. We did however discover some complications that affected a handful of users resulting in connection lost to their vehicles. These issues have since been resolved but some users might have to unlink and link the vehicle again.

@Sterling: I can see that your car has been reconnected. Should you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.

@Hambo: Your car is still stuck on 'registering'. Please unlink and try linking again:

1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model 
2. Click the cogwheel to the right of your saved car
3. Click the button: 'unlink mytesla'
4. Once unlinked, select linking option: 'Link MyTesla'
5. Log in with your Tesla credentials

We apologize for the issues but hope that you'll find polling and activity logging better after the implemented changes.
Should any issues persist please tag me and let me know.


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Same problem here too. Tried to delete my car profile and re-sign into my Tesla account using both Tesla credentials and API keys, and getting stuck. Doesn't seem to be pulling vehicle data anymore and gets stuck at Registering.

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Hi @OrlandoCC,

We’ve recently been informed that Tesla has changed the way they execute their login process, more specifically the captcha. This unfortunately becomes an issue for some of our users for connecting and keeping their cars connected.

We’re currently looking into how we can fix this, please bear with us!


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