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Problem with joining the Android Auto beta


I signed up on google play for the beta android auto version a couple hours ago - but have received no update notification (or any notification) and the app does not appear in android auto on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9).  When I go to ABRP on google play now there is no reference to the beta version beneath the comments section (or elsewhere).  

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Hi @szs,

We released an update to the Android Auto beta tonight. Perhaps this caused some temporary issue for users joining the beta program.

Are you unable to see any information at all regarding beta testing in Google Play? The screenshot below shows what it looks like when you've successfully joined the beta program.


If you've managed to join the beta. Could you try leaving it and then joining again? Also check to see if the app on your phone is called "ABRP" or "ABRP Beta".


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I see nothing about beta testing on google play.  Screenshot attached showing the bottom of the reviews up to the version number.  

On the phone the version number is ABRP 4.0.47.  I don't see any reference to it being a Beta.

Since I can't see any reference to it being a beta on the phone or on Google Play I don't know how to leave the beta and then rejoin.



abrp gplay.JPG

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