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I can't find the "Connect to Tronity" button


Good day!
Next week we are going on holiday with our electric VW ID4. We look forward to using the ABRP app in combination with the data from the Tronity app.
I have linked Tronity to my car, the data is read neatly.
The only thing that still needs to be done is linking ABRP to the Trionity data. Now I read that there should be a button somewhere "Connect to Tronity", but I can't find it anywhere. Neither in the ABRP app, nor when I'm logged in via the website. I've gone through all the screens, but I can't find an option to connect.
Both the Tronity app and ABRP app are on my iPhone 11. I have the paid version of both apps. Both apps use the same emailadres (for as far relevant).
What am I doing wrong?
It would be great if you could help me, thank you in advance.
Warm regards from 
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