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ABRP likes to use small roads

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Description: ABRP seems to emphasise shorter routes even if it means using small roads instead of country road to save some 100m.
Type: Both
The screenshot shows the route suggested. I marked in red how I would expect the route to be, which is also the route Google Maps suggests.


Is this related to road meta data or could the routing algorithm be tuned?

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curious...if you click on those segments you think are unusual is there a speed limit defined &/or do they have you running far faster than you should be for those segments?

I have a current question out to them about this issue that might be related to yours...I discovered a route taking me through some little towns, with a speed limit of 35MPH but planning for 71mph.  I recon the bad speed data makes for a bad plan...making the unusual route seem much better than it really is.

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For the part on the left it shows the legal speed limit of 100kph. But that would be madness on that road. 3 meters wide with trees on both sides. For the part on the right assumed speeds are ok.

These are the properties of that road:
name=Am Staatsforst

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You can always check the speed limits on openstreetmap and correct them yourself if they are wrong:

Click on edit top left and then sign in (with google for example). When you click on the roads you will then see all the tags it has, including speed limit.

I just checked the original route, this has been fixed in the meantime. If you see any further issues or wrong routes please report them not here in the forum but via app/web: in settings scroll down to support & feedback, then report bug. We don't handle issues via forum anymore.

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