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How to use "Reference Consumption"


I'm not entirely sure I'm correct in how I've been using this.

How do you suggest determining the number to plug in here?


My car is a 2019 Audi E-tron, US "Premium Plus" edition, 20 inch wheels

when I plug in my car using your pull down list, it changes the reference consumption to 2.59miles/KWh


My car reports and average of 2.5mi/KWh..average over the life of the car.

I have been using 2.4mi/KWh in ABRP for my planning to date just to include a safety factor.


Recently I finally read the "fine print" and see that this variable field is AT 65 MPH!

Am I correct in assuming that you use this number as a basis, than adjust the plan based on the entered "extra weight" speed, hills on the route, etc...?


I just went out today and reset my short term memory trip display while the cruise control was set to 65MPH.  traveled approx 5 miles on a flat section of interstate highway...and the display had settled on 2.8mi/KWh after a mile or two, but just ticked up to 2.9 as I had to slow for my exit.    A few minutes later I repeated this test in the opposite direction with exactly the same result.

So should I be using 2.8 or 2.9, and letting the algorithm adjust for the weight and variables along the route?


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for what it's worth to the developer

I ran a similar test

at 55 MPH the E-Tron indicated 3.1 Mi/KWh...ran approx 5 miles but only in one direction to cancel out wind, and only one run but there was no wind anyway

and at 45 MPH at roughly half the distance, indicated 3.5 Mi/KW/hr



I'm wondering where the default 2.59 number comes from

and if that is building in some factor of safety or similar.....

or should I run test runs at 65MPH for longer distances to set my number.


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For what it's worth I changed units on my indicator and ran another test run at a pure 65 MPH for miles, consumption indicated 354 KWh/mile

flat stretch of interstate highway, a couple overpasses but I figure the downs cancel out the ups.  Flags hanging still so no wind.....


I was thinking of another side question related to the original question.

If I were to use the number I see indicated from an actual test run, I would imagine that number is affected by other variables too.... temperature being one.

I ran the test at something like 92-95 F...but it would be a different baseline if I were to run the test in the winter time.  How do I take that into account?


Other variables such as weight onboard.... I am assuming that ABRP's "additional weight" would be weight above an beyond whatever was in the car at the time I ran my test run.  Is that correct.

rain....Am I correct to assume the reference consumption would be based on dry road and the program makes adjustments based on assumptions for increases due to wet roads.

ditto wind, etc.....

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