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Bill N

Numbering of Waypoints and guide points on the map

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A sequential number or letter by the the side of each waypoint or guide point on the maps which corresponds to the same waypoint or guidepoint in the planner. 

Use Case: 

I’d use this most times when creating more complex routes which aren’t simply A to B.

For example, in the screenshot below I’m planning a route including a number of waypoints and guide points to ensure the route follows a particular course.

When I add another point it sometimes does not get placed in the correct position in the plan, resulting in the route doubling back to check off the new point.

If each point was annotated with a small number or letter which corresponded to the same letter/number in the planner list, it would be much easier to quickly rearrange the points into the correct order.



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It would basically be like how it works on Google Maps (although their implementation of it isn’t great as the lettering all disappears as soon as you start dragging waypoints from one position to another).

This is what the same route looks like on Google Maps - it’s much easier to correct the order of points:



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As an addition if these could be added as guidepoints rather than waypoints as these are just to mark the route without any stopovers, the over all output of the drive will be much user friendly. As you can see how complex it can get to correct a route if ABRP routes differently than what my route calls for. Thank you.

ABRP waypoint labels.JPG

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