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Planning a trip with a trailer considering speed limits

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Description:  I want a new plan to consider speed limits in different countries on the way for a car with a trailer.
It seems that ABRP doesn't do that unless a maximum speed is set for the whole trip.
Problem arises when you want to cross the border (or many of them), which might be quite common for Europe.

Use Case: Planning a trip with a trailer across at least 2 countries. ABRP should use information from vehicle configuration (that it's with a trailer) and calculate with maximum allowed country speed limits for cars with a trailer.
It might be needed to add a flag that points out that owned/used trailer might drive at higher speeds than normally in particular countries. This is when you for example in Denmark or Germany apply for a special speed sticker (from 80 km/h to 100 km/h).


PS. It feels that regardless of configuration (with or without a trailer), weight of all (trailer and load) has to be set manually.

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