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Messes up Chargers database for Poland many 30-50kW CCS chargers are now displayed and calculated as 350kW

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Description: Recent chargers database is messed up - no 350kW chargers in PL
Type: Wrond data for 30-50 chargers 
Link to Plan: For example: Pilsudskiego Rzeszów GO+ EAuto is 50kW, while displayed as 350. Same for Orlen, PGE Nowa Energia and many more.
Replication Steps:
  1. Compare your data to data from PlugShare which is still correct
  2. To replicate: plan a route from Warsaw PL to Barwinek Border and then Koszyce SK, car set to Tesla M3 and prefer Tesla SC. ABRP planner will omit SC and go to 50kW near Rzeszow
This must be messed up last update yesterday, as previously it was OK (I'm planning Buggaria trip via Romania for more than a week).
Please rollback the most recent database update.
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Hi @Cooler,

Thank you for notifying us about this! 

We recently updated the data about some charging networks in Europe. Other users have also notified us about these indiscrepancies in our data since this update and we're currently investigating what's causing this error. We hope to correct the data as soon as possible.


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