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Add stop by clicking?


Is it possible to add a stop by clicking on the map?

The problem is that I'm planning a route in a rural area (around the Arizona - New Mexico border) where there is no place name where I need to add the stop.  It's a junction of two roads, themselves possibly unnamed on the map.  

I need to add the stop in order to enter the route I'll be driving to calculate the energy consumption.

Being a remote area, I'd like to get this accurately.


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I just tried it, and I was able to right click in a web browser, and simply point and click on my phone to drop a pin, and when you do either of those it gives you the option of adding a waypoint.  There is also something called a "Guidepoint" that you can add.  I'm not sure what the functionality of that is and how it differs from a waypoint.

I suspect that the road at least has to be on the map in order for it to route you to it, but I think the functionality is there.

I was able to find (I think) a set of unnamed roads (simply referred to as "85925, AZ" in the step-by-step) and was able to set it as a waypoint/destination.


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