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Live SoC is not working - connected via Tronity



I'm experiencing some issues with my Kia E Niro and the Live-SoC shown in ABRP:

I connected the car via Tronity. ABRP has worked fine so far displaying the Live-SoC with minor differences to the real SoC.

In the last days the difference was quite substantial. I reconnected Tronity and ABRP. Now the Live-Soc isn't showing at all. I don't even have a button anymore to switch to Live-SoC. ABRP says that Tronity says the car is sleeping.

Does anyone has an idea what is going on?

Thx for any help.



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Hi @Gunseg,

If the app is displaying that Tronity is "sleeping" this means that we are not getting any data from the car. Are you getting data in the Tronity app? You can try disconnecting and reconnecting Tronity. If that does not work you may try removing the car and then adding and connecting it again.

To remove the car go to Settings (detailed) > Car model and select the car you wish to remove by clicking the gear symbol next to it. In the lower right corner of the panel you will find the Delete button.

To add the car once again, go back to Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car. Make sure to select the correct car model and give it a suitable name. 

If this also does not solve the issue please get in touch with the team at Tronity and ask them to troubleshoot why no data is sent to ABRP.

I noticed that the car saved to your account was not connected via Tronity, but rather via EVNotify. And since you're not "always logging" data in the app we are not able to see what data has been sent to us in the past by Tronity.


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