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2021 Tesla Mod Y LR - nowhere to log into Tesla account

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I was under the impression that I would be able to link ABRP to my tesla account and to use my car’s data for route planning as well as to upload routes to the car directly. I have not been able to find anywhere to log in to my tesla account, enter tesla credentials or anything like that. Can anyone tell me if this is still a feature and if so, how to make it work?



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Hi @barorg,

In order to connect your car to send live data via Tesla to ABRP you must first save your car.

To add the car, go to Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car. Make sure to select the correct car model and give it a suitable name. From this panel you will also be able to connect your vehicle with "My Tesla".


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Selecting my Model Y Long Range does not work on the Tesla browser in the car. It looks like ABRP wants to pop up a selectionbox in the upper left corner of the display (outside the browser window), but that only blinks on then disappears.

On the same note: it seems like only the LITE version is supported on the Tesla browser. This is the latest model with fast hardware, why is ABRP holding back?

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