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Description: The ability to edit  Arrival SOC,  Departure SOC and Departure Time in the Table.

Use Case: I would use this on all long trips requiring more than one stop at a supercharger.

The current way of editing each charge or way point works fine but does not show the overall plan so it is harder to visualize and plan the whole trip.  Editing these parameters in the table would be faster.    

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Hi @dspanogle,

Thank you for the suggestion! I will make sure to forward your idea.

While we understand that it might be useful to get an overview of the entire plan when planning longer trips, we do not currently have plans to add the option to edit the parameters in a table. Please not that this may change in the future.

In the meantime you might find it useful to divide longer plans into "legs". After creating one leg of the trip you can save your plan and keep planning the next leg. 


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