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Patrik Nordlund

Wrong plan


Hello ABRP team, I'd like to give you some feedback ...

Hi, if I plan a route from my home to the closest Tesla charger on route, just to see how much I should start on, it makes a weird route depending on which start level I fill in. If I start with 60% it gives me a correct route with 32% SoC. If I then start with 40%, I would expect the same route and 12% SoC. But then it suggest that I take a detour and charge at another SuC, but not even so much that I can reach the original SuC without driving under 75km/h or something. Something is not right.

App version: 4.0.46
Platform: android
User ID: null
The latest plan was https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=340cdfba-c6a6-40e8-a33d-342189146821

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Hi @Patrik Nordlund,

In the plan that you linked to the departure SoC was at 65%, and the arrival SoC at the Supercharger was 18%. With these numbers in mind it does seem reasonable that a starting SoC of 40% requires an additional stop.

You can disable the option to plan with a slower speed. Go to Settings (detailed) > Speed > Adjust speed.

If you find that the plan that you linked to is not the one you experienced the issue with, please try recreating the erroneous plan and provide the link. After creating a plan, click Share > Share ABRP link. 


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