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Add stops to charge, arrival SOC not working ?

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I plan a trip from Antwerp to Honfleur.  I added a stop in Etretat, where I intend to charge for 4 hours on a local charger while having a walk.

As usual my settings are default 20% Soc and the default route calculates. 

When I fill in SoC at Etretat at 15%, it doesn't take it into account and the fast charger before the Etretat stop is charging till 89%, arriving at Etretat 30% ? Why ? It is not my default 20% nor the overruled 15% ?

Secondly if I fill in that i will charge for 4 hours in Etretat, it just ignores that and offers to charge for 5 minutes instead.


How can I plan how i suggest ?  normal trip to the end destination, but an in between stop for 4 hours which then optimises the charging before plus also considers the full 4 hours parking to charge ? 


etretat arrival setting.png

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You specified you will charge for 4 hours, but you did not specify the rate (kW). I believe ABRP is just assuming you are stopping for 4 hours but not charging.  Try specifying a kW value and see if that helps. 

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Hi @Gunterius,

It could indeed be as @Ecurb suggests.

Could you please provide the link to the plan as well? After creating a plan, click Share > Share ABRP link. That way we are able to see all of your plan settings. 

If you're not comfortable with sharing the plan publically in the forum you are welcome to send us the plan in an email. Open the menu by clicking the ABRP button in the top left corner of the screen and click the "Tell us what you think!" button. That way we can also more easily see your account settings and give you better feedback.


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