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Does ABRP premium connects with my VW ID3 real time battery?

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I’m planning on doing a roadtrip in september (if Covid-19 allows it) from Netherlands to Toscane (Italy), and was thinking of buying ABRP premium. I was wondering if it ‘connects’ with my VW ID3’s info system and is therefore able to read its current battery life, and adjusts its route based on that? Or does anyone know if the ID3 navigation does this itself? Hope my question is clear ?

ps: if you have some tips of agritourism spots with EV chargers in Toscane, feel free to share ? 

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ABRP does not directly connect to any EV. The way ABRP gets live data is by you hooking up an OBDII dongle to your car's OBDII port, then connecting a mobile device such as a cell phone to it. The two most commonly used apps to upload data to ABRP are EVNotify and Torque Pro. In the case of an ID.3 you would need to use EVNotify on an Android device as no PID profile exists in Torque Pro that I'm aware of for the VW ID family of vehicles. And the iOS version of EVNotify hasn't been updated since it was first released and thus it too has no VW ID information in it which is why you have to use the Android version.

And as was stated by Samuel back in July, you do NOT need a Premium subscription to provide ABRP with live data from your car. You simply need a wireless OBDII dongle, a mobile device with a network connection, and an app or service that is compatible with ABRP to upload data.

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I'm curious how this all works. I've checked the livedata-link (thanks @Samuel-ABRP) which states that with my car (Ford Mustang Mach-E), only the Tronity app is supported. 

So does this mean:

  • I have to connect a OBDII dongle to my car's OBDII port (after I find out which dongle I need and how I connect it to the port in my car);
  • get a Tronity premium subscription;
  • connect the OBDII dongle to the Tronity app (in my car through bluetooth, I guess?);
  • connect the Tronity app to the ABRP app (by linking the two accounts in the settings of one or both of the apps, I guess?);
  • after which the ABRP app has access to live data from the battery, when I use the ABRP app on my phone or the ABRP app on Apple CarPlay?

(I've search the forum before asking this question, and while I found a lot of threads about live data in specific cars, I couldn't find a thread explaining the basic process; what that entails.)

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Tronity connects to the API of Ford and gets the data directly from the car. So you need to add your car to Tronity and then connect Tronity to ABRP. First register at Tronity and add your car. Them add a new car in ABRP and click on the car settings and then click connect to Tronity.

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