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ABRP ot working in Apple CarPlay


Hello everybody,

First of all, pls excuse my english : I'm Frenchman). I recently received my new eNiro and of course connected my iPhone7 (32Go) thru Apple CarPlay to check a trip with ABRP

Unfortunately, it didn't work at all, for I had the here below troubles :

. Crashes at start

. Radio volume + ABRP volume seems to be linked : impossible to turn off only the radio volume.

. During the trip, the app is slowing down and finally crashes : firstly, ABRP seems to stop and is falling behind the real trip (arrow 3-4 kms behind ..). When the app. "realizes" taht it's late far behind => panic by suddenly drawing trips everywhere on the map and then makes Apple CarPlay totally crashes.

. Speed limits are oftently disapearing.


Could you please help me asap, for I need th have ABRP working good early August for my vacation time (2.500 kms to drive...)

Do you know if ABRP has a hotline of something like that ?

Many thanks in advance





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