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Live traffic useless in Europe? ABRP using closed roads/highways.

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Description: Live traffic use closed roads/highways
Type: On web with live traffic enabled and premium plan. (Same issue on phone with latest iOS app)
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I am busy to plan our trip to France. Live traffic seems to be useless in Europe. ABRP is using a lot of the roads near Erftstadt which are closed due to the flooding. Including highways which are damaged and cannot be used for weeks. These roads have been closed now for days. 
It also comes up with 3,5 hour delay. Why not use a different route? See attached overview of closed routes accoriding to google, and the route ABRP wants to take.
The route ABRP wants to use will take 6 hours (this route cannot be driven due to the closed roads anyway, and google comes with an alternative route which takes only 3 hours in total. 
Is Live traffic only something for the US atm? Then I don't need to bother to extend premium after the trial as this is not worth the money. 

Screenshot 2021-07-19 094911.png

Screenshot 2021-07-19 094919.png

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hi @alhdioaurjjdj,

there was a problem with one of our servers that is fixed now and we added measures to improve stability. However there is still one tiny problem left, when crossing borders. As a workaround you could add a guidepoint (which is similiar to a waypoint, but invisible during navigation) before the border, then everything should work as expected. For example like this:

This is just needed temporarily and will be improved in the upcoming days. 

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Hi, I also had bad experiences with closed roads which are closed for weeks. So those closed roads probably got officially announced.

Autobahn intersection Rippachtal A38/A9 in Germany: https://goo.gl/maps/gQHMqiXpMdwL7P459

The connection from A38 (heading west) to A9 heading south is closed. But ABRP always leads you there. I marked the way ABRP wants to go with a black pencil in the screenshot. Then you have an additional detour of >16 km because you have to go A9 heading north and turn around in Nempitz (marked with red pencil). Or you stay on A38 (for that you have to know that the connection to A9 is closed) and turn around in Leuna which would result in a detour of ~15 km (marked with blue pencil).

Of course if you pay attention to the road signs telling you that the connection is closed and you know the region you'd probably stay on A38. But come on its 2021. When I use a sat nav with live traffic I expect it to know the closed roads and avoid them, not leading me to them.


Sorry I don't have too good drawing skills (using the mouse).

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I have the same issue, here is a plan for a short trip from Lelystad (NL) - Baarn (NL). And there is a closed highway. But the routeplanner plans on the closed highway? i've had this a couple times before? Also traffic jams are almost nowhere showed up?


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