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Using apple maps & ABRP

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I have a Kia eNiro 4+. I have just taken out ABRP premium but need help using the navigation with apple maps. So I tried a simple test of a route with one way point. In ABRP on my iPhone I shared the route to apple maps via car play. At this point only the route to the first way point was visible. Used apple maps to navigate to way point. Now to get the next part of the route displayed in apple maps I had to go into ABRP and delete the way point. Then share the map again to apple maps. I could then be navigated to the final destination. So my question is is this the correct way to use with apple maps? Is there a better way? Obviously if I had a long journey with many way points it’s a lot of cancelling and starting again. 
I found the built in navigation in ABRP unfortunately not very good.

so hopefully someone can give me guidance on how to use navigation 

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