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Barrett Ffamily

How to exit AA (release application lock)

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Using the current beta today for first live drive around. Launched ABRP. From AA main screen and the confusion started.

(1) ABRP started and immediately loaded an unused planning session. That was OK, but (always there seems to be a but) Control options were not readily apparent.

(2) APP control? Couldn’t figure out a clean exit to ABRP (restarted phone). I will go back and take a closer look at control options. It is difficult to drive and play with the screen.



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Android Auto always loads the last planned route from ABRP app. The idea is that you can do complex plans in the app and you can immediately start the route in AA.

If you did not plan before you can use the normal search function to find a destination or use the favorites (⭐) or the cloud icon to check your saved plans. Or you can use Google assistant voice search "navigate to xxx".

What exactly do you mean with exit? If you do not want to use ABRP you can just stop the route and open any other app you want.

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