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Red line in ABRP route


What does the red line as a first part of my route mean? That I have to consider the speed limit ABRP gave to me? Is there a way to change thes speed limit? As you can see, there is an earlier SUC.



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That's exactly what it means, good guess!  Driving slower generally means better range (to a certain point).  If it's faster to drive slightly slower and skip a charger, then the planner will recommend that.

Basically, if you leave "Slower If Needed" checked, it'll try and optimize routes by driving speed as well as charge duration and actual route taken to get there.  There's a bit of guesswork involved, since that greatly increases the search space of the route planning, but it can make routes possible that previously weren't.


We don't have a way to set a minimum speed, but you can set your max speed you're comfortable driving, and your typical speed as a percentage of the speed limit (I generally set 110% to 115%).

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