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Tesla Supercharger is not showing up (Portugal, Loule)

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Description: In Portugal, Loulé - where the most powerful Tesla Supercharger is located, a 250W 8 sites charger, the App never suggest its use..
Type: ABRP 4.0.46 for iOS
Replication Steps:
  1. Enable both Tesla SC and Tesla CCS chargers
  2. Trip from Faro to Porto, set 10% starting SoC. the plan will say it’s not drivable and won’t use Loule Supercharger
  3. If I click the SuperCharger and select it as a stop, it uses to charge 11% for >40 minutes, it’s very slow.
  4. One can see it shows up as “charger with limited access or functions, and is not used in automatic planning”

is there a way to correct it?



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