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IOS & EVNOTIFY w/ Chevrolet Bolt - Can it \ Does it work?


I picked up the Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 for use with either my iphone or ipad in my 2021 Chevrolet Bolt.  I ran quite a few tests with very questionable performance on ABRP.  As far as I can tell EVNotify is logging the appropriate data.  I took 4 or 5 test drives, a few with my ipad and a couple with my iphone.  I selected the "location synchronization" option in EVNotify the last few drives. However, it is not creating drives automatically (drives_evnotify.jpg).  Below manual_drive.jpg shows a drive that has been manually created after all my drives were completed.  It shows GPS speed and Battery charge level.

For each drive I had ABRP provide directions for the route.  The first couple EVNotify was running on my ipad and ABRP running on iphone.  The last couple EVNotify stayed open on the iphone while ABRP was displayed on CarPlay.  At this point I also changed the ABRP Live Data iphone settings to "override car position".  ABRP car setting show that live data is coming in and the location data is correct in that view.  Despite taking several separate drives ABRP seems to treat them all as one (abrp_drives.jpg).  In addition they seem to be labeled as a charge instead of a drive (abrp_export_summary.jpg).  Also, there is no distance data shown in the export summary.  My main interest is in ABRP being able to calibrate my car to the actual driving so it can generate more accurate routes. However, I'm guess that it's not getting the data to do that correctly.  

I will go on a longer drive within the next 36 hours and will reset the calibration data and post the results here.  For now a few questions:

1.  Are there any steps I can take to fix this potential problem?

2.  Is there any way to export manual drives from EVNotify and then import them ABRP for Calibration purposes?  Is there any way to see what ABRP is basing calibration on or if the calibration is working?  

Thanks for your help!!






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So I tried again and the result looks better.  The summary still says charge but has all the battery level data points.  It also shows a start location and end location.  Does it also have the speed data necessary to approximate distance or is ABRP somehow using this incorrectly as charge data?


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