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ABRP not showing in Android Auto


I'm testing the combination of an ODBII adapter, ev-notify, ABRP and Android Auto in our ID3 (Software 2.1)
I nearly have everything working but I'm stuck on getting ABRP to display via Android Auto.
I have a fairphone 2 with Android 9 on which ABRP works fine and gets the data from the car via de ODB2 & EV Notify. I have installed android auto and it connects with the ID3 but the ABRP apps is not shown in the infotainment screen. I also cannot see it when I enter the screen to configure which apps are shown and which not.
Android Auto 6.5.612133-release
ABRP 4.0.46
EVNotify 2.2.1:08
So in short I'm stuck and wondering what the cause of this problem is.
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