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What are guide points

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@Cbegg50 i split this question as the AA feedback thread is meant for getting user feedback so we try to keep it clean.

Guidepoints are similiar to waypoints, but you will not see them during navigation. So you can use guide points to force a specific route, but normally you do not want to stop at those points, that is why they are hidden.

Waypoints however are normally used to stop at a specific point, like a resting area or a museum or similiar.

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You need to click on the map, not on a marker. Chargers can not be added as guidepoint currently. Not sure if that even makes sense, as guidepoints are more or less ignored for everything and only used to force a route along a specific point without forcing you to stop at that point. So you will not see charger state and so on... However you can just click next to the charger if you want to route along that charger but not add it to the route as waypoint.

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