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Weird behavior when destination is a charging station

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When I plan the attached route from Frankfurt to IONITY Mahlberg Ost it wants me to charge there from 6 to 9% which confuses me a bit. I can understand that it wants me to charge there because it is my destination and my min. desired SoC at destination is higher than the 6% I'd have left when arriving there. But then two questions come into my mind:

1. It knows the charger is my destination and it knows that my minimum SoC for destinations is lower than the SoC with which I'd probably arrive. Why is it then not recommending a charger on the route before? I mean in this case it's the better solution for me but I just want to understand the logic behind it.

2. Why does it only want me to charge up to 9% SoC when my desired SoC for destinations is set to 10%?



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Another weird route:


Why charging 4% SoC? When I skip the charging station I have 11%-4%=7% on arrival, right? Minimum SoC for arrival was set to 5% for that route. Why is it then suggesting a stop if I can make it without? I don't get it.

Guess what is the result of this behavior? Exactly I use Apple or Google Maps because I dont see an option how I can delete charge stops on iPhone/CarPlay. Sorry for being so direct but after all those bad/doubtful experience in only 2 trips I'm not sure if I will renew my premium subscription.

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