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Consistent use of 12/24 hour time format

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Description:  Currently, times are entered in 12-hour format with AM/PM selection. However, times are then displayed in 24-hour format.

Use Case: My region uses 12-hour format, so it's confusing to have to mentally convert between the two.

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Turns out I inadvertently had the language in the app set as "English (United Kingdom)" and the units were Imperial. I changed the language to "English (United States)" and the times are displayed as I would expect.

However, the issue still remains with the language set to "English (United Kingdom)" in that times are entered as 12 got I with AM/PM but displayed in 24 hour format. Specifically, trying to manually type in a time such as 17:00 will actually enter 12:00 into the box. I would assume that if the times are displayed in 24 hour format, they should be able to be entered in 24 hour format.

Another suggestion is to use the language setting from the phone instead of having a separate option in the app. This is what led to my confusion.

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