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as I couldn't find a thread about the eVito Tourer I decided to create one by myself. I do provide live data for it from my eVito. I see this model tagged as alpha for several month now so I'm curious how long it takes until you have collected enough data to remove the alpha tag. I understand that the eVito is probably not as popular as Volkswagen ID models or Teslas.

BTW: eVito Tourer is only available with 100 kWh battery (90 kWh usabale afaik) so I think you don't have to add the battery capacity to the model name.


Edit: Maybe it would be useful to have one model as long and one as extra long version in terms of chassis length.

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Hi @cent,

There is no set time for how long a car model will have the alpha or beta label. It is entirely dependent on if we're able to obtain enough good quality data. The very first live data connection for this model (Tronity) was added just around 7 months ago, Jeedom was added just a few months back.

In addition to this, it is correct that it is not the most common vehicle among our users, which of course makes it more difficult to generate the data necessary. However, if there are any major differences between our predictions and reality, please let us know and we can look into what adjustments can be made.


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