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Charge stops recommended too early?

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I'm fairly new to using ABRP. But I have the feeling that it plans charging stops sometimes way too early. For example I just did a trip from Wolfsburg to Leipzig (Germany). Starting with more or less 100% SoC. I have IONITY set up as prefered CPO. Charging stops to "quickest arrival", reference speed 105%, maximum speed 140 km/h, min. SoC at destination 10%, min. SoC at charger 5%.

The car can make 200-300 km without charging on the autobahn. The way from Wolfsburg to Leipzig is only 206 km. Am I missing something? I'd expect that I get a route without charging. In the end it asked to charge at IONITY Hohenwarsleben from like 70 to 87% after around 70 km. I mean thanks to the nice charging curve of the Mercedes eVito Tourer it pulls >100 kW still at that SoC but I think for a lot of vehicle it is just a waste of time to charge at that high SoCs. And that even when having the preferences on "fastes arrival".

Let me know if I'm missing something. Thank you!

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Thanks for the input. Actually I set nothing about efficiency or consumption manually as I thought it would get all required data automatically from the car via TRONITY, which is linked to my ABRP.

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Did you ever resolve this issue?  I find the charging stops are sometimes rather premature without an explanation.  Not that you ever get an explanation for anything the tool does.  Charging early makes the charging slower (higher starting state of charge) and lengthens the trip.  

There is a control for how often the charging happens.  They call it "Charging Stops" and has five selections, "Few but long" to "Short but many" and in the middle, "Quickest arrival".  

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