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Showing "not drivable" routes

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Description: Is there a reason why I get "not drivable" displayed? Am I missing something? For me it is useless to have that information. Also it is not translated. I can help there if neccessary. I'd appreciate if this could be fixed. Thanks!
Type: Lastest iOS app with CarPlay running
Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share").  
Replication Steps:
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Remember, the morIMG_6568.PNG.f8a10893c47a1f903c1d030b75097357.PNGe detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
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"Not drivable" means that there is an alternative route that you can not take. It seems that the marker is at a wrong position or maybe too big and covers the exit to the crossing road at that position? If the road itself is not red it means you can still drive it. "Not Drivable" mostly comes from closed roads nearby. That is a pretty new feature, we are still working on adjusting the overlays.


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Hi @Samuel-ABRP, thanks for the reply. I'd prefer to have an option that hides all the markers and messages. I'd love to just have the quickest route and thats it. No need to mess around with alternative routes. If there is a faster route, just use it. ?

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@Samuel-ABRP I would also prefer to not show routes which are not driveable. When they are not driveable, why are they shown? It does not make nse in my opinion.

I would also prefer an additionly setting where one can activate or deactive alternate routes on the map.


At the moment alternate routes are always longer routes, so why I should take a longer route. I don't understand the intention of this. ?

If the routing algorithm would show a shorter or faster route, I can decive if I want to drive that route.

Following screens shows a completly useless alternative route which lasts 17min longer, it's not recognizable where the alternative route goes and why it will take 17min longer.



Showing such an alternative route really does not make sense at all  in my opinion.

So please show only alternative routes which are usefull, or give us a switch to be able to activate/deactive alternative routes ?


What do you think about it?


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