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SoC displayed is wrong

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Description: There is something wrong with the SoC displayed in ABRP sometimes its to high, but I also already saw it displaying a too low value which doesn't really give me a got feeling in terms of reliablity
Type: Latest iOS app version with CarPlay running
Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share").  
Replication Steps:
See the attached screenshots. There is a difference between what TRONITY reports (this is pretty accurate with the SoC displayed in the car) and what ABRP displays. I mean I can understand that ABRP shows slightly high values because its not updating the data in realtime I guess. But then how can it display too low vaules? Please take a look how that is even possible. Also I think rounding the numbers can cause to confusion. I'd recommend to just cut the number with the delimiter if you know what I mean. So 10.5 would be shown as 10 and not rounded to 11. Because my idea is that TRONITY reports floating numbers and the car is displaying only integer. But maybe I'm understanding it wrong.
Long story short: you should make sure that it is not possible to show SoC lower than what the car is showing. Thank you!
Attached you find an example where ABRP displays a lower value than the TRONITY. Both screenshots taken at the exact same time.




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I did another longer trip today and I had it like at least 6 times that the displayed SoC was slightly or completely wrong. In both directions. In the end I gave up and ignored what ABRP showed.

Here is another example


In reality SoC was aroung 50%.

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