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Reference consumption not updated when using Tronity


Hello, as I want to reduce the number of polls to Tesla Model S to a minimum while still getting the most of data of my Model S 75D, I am using ABRP’s interface to Tronity to update it. 

The single most interesting value for to derive out of this is the reference consumption to be able to plan as accurately as possible. Now ABRP connects to Tronity and gets the data. It is showing the last update (ie this morning at 04:55). But it fails to come to a conclusion on the reference consumption out of this. This continues to stay at 189 Wh/km, no matter what I drive. The drives and charges show up correctly in Tronity. I’ve tried the obvious ones, reconnecting to Tronity namely. What irritates me there is the indication by ABRP to be „not connected“, but I was told this is the actual status of Tronity and if it can access the car at this moment (which is currently sleeping, hence „not connected).

Any idea on how to verify where the data flow is stuck and get the reference consumption to update?

Thanks and cheers, Reto

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Hi @RQP,

Calibrated reference consumption for Tesla's is unfortunately not possible with the Tronity connection, see: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/

There might have occurred some form of mix-up because I can see that you still have very old time-stamps for the previous connection via Tesla for your car. This is data which we're not able to get from Tronity.

I'd like to suggest that you disconnect and instead create a new vehicle for the Tronity connection, separate from the saved vehicle previously linked to Tesla.


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