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Route modifications are overwritten



ABRP beta app

After adding two waypoints on the way to Manchester (small bladder), I wanted to add stops at each (breakfast and lunch).

Using the gear icon, I made the first 30 minute stop and traced the route. Then I tried to make the second a 1 hour stop.  When I recalculated and saved this one, it reset the first stop to 5 minutes!


Android Google Pixel 4, Latest Beta 4.0.46 (505).

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Hi @Cbegg50,

Could you provide us with the link to the plan you are trying to create? This will make it easier for us to troubleshoot the issue. Find the link by clicking Share > Share ABRP link after you have created the plan.

If you are not comfortable with publishing the link to the forum you may send it to us in an email instead. Open the menu by clicking the ABRP button in the top left corner of the screen and click the "Tell us what you think!" button. Please make sure to include the link to the plan.


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