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Description:  Right now I have live data streaming to ABRP from my OVMS box which works well, putting the SOC on the (Android Auto) screen and updating while when driving. Could you add an indicator that data is flowing. Sometimes if the live data feed stops/fails the %SOC starts to drift or stop updating unknown to the driver. Would be good to have an indication on the main screen that data has stopped flowing. Maybe a green tick/circle next to the SOC that turns amber if no data received for 5 mins and turn red after no data for 10-15mins?

Use Case: Would give confidence that the live data is populating and that ABRP is continuing to reflect live status of batter SOC. More importantly, would make the driver aware to use caution in relying on the data if live data has stopped populating.

Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!

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Hi @rossjmccarthy,

That would be nice yes, though I'm not quite sure we can fit a separate indicator in AA. We have looked into implementing the same subtle indication as in web/app, the dashed line around SoC but it wasn't as simple as we thought. We hope to come up with a solution eventually.


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