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Route Calculation

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Hello there,

I've got a question regarding route calculation of ABRP application. Indeed, I don't understand why there are differencies beteween theses itineraries (photos bellow) kwnowing that real time traffic and weather are disabled and I've also planned a date and a time. 


abrp 1.png

abrp 2.png

abrp 3.png

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Hi @Aurélien,

Without having the actual plans to look at it is difficult to say why the numbers are different. But as you can see there's a difference between image 1 and 2 compared to image 3. For 1 and 2 we plan with a charger in Dardilly while for image 3 we plan with Vienne Supercharger. The charging sessions when comparing image 1 and 2 look slightly different and this seems to be what makes the 2 minute difference.


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Thanks for your reactivity and I understand that is difficult to say. But I was wondering which parameters are taken into account when we are planning an itinary ? Because real time traffic and real time weather are disabled so it should be the same itinary each time I search doesn't it ? 

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