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Arrival SoC override from planner does not get taken into account

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Description: Instead of 10% Soc at arrival ABRP displays 30% as set in settings. I was expecting it to override with settings from planner.
Replication Steps:
  1. Set Destination arrival SoC to 30% in main settings (main menu / cog / battery and chargers)
  2. Set Arrival SoC to 10% clicking on the cog near destination
  3. Act surprised
Before submitting I doublechecked it using these exact same steps.
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Questions for paid subscription member

So, are there global settings that apply to every plan by default,   If so, where set  I don't understand "main" menu

Then - are there plan settings that override global settings (sometimes?) for each plan)  Where set? are they saved with the plan?  When setting plan?settings do we click the big blue button or just the back arrow to set the changes?

Do settings transfer across devices (Android App,  browser log-in on Desktop,  browser in Tesla 2021 MY)

A manual would be nice! Without understanding this app is a fun plaything but not much use for serious trip planning.


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Hi @dspanogle,

In my response to OP I stated that the globally set value should be overridden but that it is not in cases with lower values. This is a bug which we're investigating.

No - there are not any hidden global settings you cannot change, all settings including global minimums are available in: Settings (detailed).

Settings are saved when the plan is created, ie you click 'plan' (big blue button).

Yes, you can have settings transfer across different devices, we'll always load your most recent plan (from anywhere) when logging in or starting the app.

Manual is coming.


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