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Ability to reverse the route with a single click or move an entry one slot with a button or key

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Description:  If you are planning a route and would rather go the other direction there is no easy way to swap each entry, you must individually drag each destination from the bottom to just above the original top location to reverse their order, and dragging is NOT easy with this scrolling drag-selectable route list.

Use Case: If I am planning a long trip and after I get a ways into adding waypoints I realize that it will be better to start going the opposite way, and return via the path already laid out there is no easy way to reverse the list, which is a normal feature of many route planners. Perhaps it would be better to simply make dragging and dropping less error prone, As I drag now if the list scrolls I no longer see the item I was dragging and if I let go I must hunt thru the entire list to find it. Not a problem with a list of 4 locations, but why would I pull out ABRP for such a short route?

Would be nice if I could send the selected waypoint to the top or the bottom of a list to speed the reversing process. Perhaps something as simple as an up-down button or key that lets me move the current entry up or down JUST ONE space on the list for each click.

If I want to add a waypoint in the middle of a route I have to click New Waypoint which adds it to the bottom of the list, I then have to drag it up the list to its intended location. Sure, if there was a search field I could find the waypoint and click Add Waypoint, which SOMETIMES will put it in the list at the optimum location. But either way I generally want to move the waypoint up or down the list and drag and drop is very likely to screw things up.


I was very surprised to find this wasn't already requested, yet in at least 3 threads people have asked for Wind to be considered as a feature...

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