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Android auto not working


The only problem for me is that Android Auto does not display on my vehicle display.  That’s unsafe and not fit for purpose.  Please can you refund my £44!  Or tell me the next version will work properly!


Colin Begg

Google Pixel 4 Android 11

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Hi @Cbegg50,

Sorry to hear, however we've been very clear about that premium is currently not needed to use Android Auto since it is still only available in our beta version. All you need to do to access it is to sign up for the beta program in Google play. You'll find the sign up button a little lower down on the page about the regular ABRP app in Google play.

Regarding refunds, I can see you've subscribed through Google play. These subscriptions we unfortunately have no insight in or control over and I can therefore not make a refund. However, you can request a refund from Google themselves.


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Hi again Katya,

   Yes, you succeeded in getting Google to refund me the Premium price. If ABRP on AA works better than the built in satnav I'll gladly pay it.


All working now with Tronity link to live data. I resubscribed to Premium to get weather and traffic.

Please consider the topic closed


Cheers and thanks Colin Begg






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