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Missing Tesla supercharger in abpr


Hello team

Thanks for the great app. Love it. Even took the premium service because it is worse it. Better than the on board Tesla GPS.

One little glitch, in your records the Tesla Mougins supercharger in France is not available but it is since 2 month when hotel hosting the SC reopened.

It is my go to SC. Please put it back on so that abrp can use it in the search.





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Hi @Benoît,

Thank you for the positive feedback! ?

Regarding the SC in Mougins, is it this one you mean? 

It doesn't currently have an out of order status, nor is it missing. Would it be possible that you interpreted the red status color (see image below) as broken/out of order?

Red/green status is only available for premium users and signify if the charger is in use and therefore not available or if it is functional and not in use.



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