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Rename Super Charger Locations.

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Description: Ability to rename a super charger from location to something more useful and to add to trip.

Use Case: I want the ability to rename and save a charger location. Right now under settings, you have a 'chargers to avoid' settings. You need to have a 'favorite charger' list. Example: I have a trip saved called 'Chris'. This trip is an hour long and has one super charger location. When I plan the trip I want an option to 'add super charger' from a list of previously saved and renamed locations. In this case 'Chris Super Charger'.  This is NOT added as a WAYPOINT but rather is a 'suggested' stop/alert that this charger is on my route.  I've tried adding the charger as a 'guide' point but when you try and change the name it changes it to 'Waypoint'. I hope this is all somewhat clear.


Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!

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