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Map Error, Steet missing


Hi all, I tried to plan a route in Italy using the Colle di Tende Tunnel.
Unfortionally there is a part of the road at the south end missing....
I can find it in OSM and of course google maps not in abrp map.
Can you please check and fix this issue?
Road and tunnel are missing, only the second tunnel is displayed (in construction)

2021-06-25 11_32_50-A Better Routeplanner.jpg

2021-06-25 11_31_16-Colle di Tenda - Google Maps.jpg

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Hi @Bruchpilot,

I checked in OpenStreetMap and part of the road leading up to the 'missing part' is a tunnel. The tunnel doesn't allow any traffic as it is set in OSM.

The 'missing part' is a highway feature with type 'construction'. If this isn't the case and the road is open it'll need to be updated in OSM accordingly.
There is one section with a note that says "road section destroyed by storm on 2020-10-03". Though other sections say that the end date of the construction was 2020-10-02. 

Do you know what's correct here?


No form of traffic allowed in "Traforo stradale del Colle di Tenda" tunnel


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