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Level 2 Charge Duration not added to overall trip time


Description: I am planning a route through an area without any DCFC chargers. I found the setting on the webpage to include Level 2 chargers, and ABRP has found a route that meets my needs. However, the time spent charging at Level 2 is not added to the trip summary (in either the overall summary, or in the detailed table--see attached screenshot). The details do show a charge time of 36 minutes, but that time is not counted in the overall trip elapsed time.
Type: Webpage - link below
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Hi @RobC,

True, however this is deliberate in order to not have slower charges (such as overnight ones) skew the driving vs charging ratio. I can totally see how this becomes misleading in areas where fast charging isn't as accessible. With this in mind, do you perhaps have any input for how the summary could be displayed instead?


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I can see how the use case for L2 charging (overnight) should not be added to the total drive time (and I'll freely admit that the typical use case for L2 charging would be for overnights).

I can suggest that perhaps there could be an option under the gear icon for a charging stop on the route to be included in the travel time (L2 would be set to no by default, and DCFC would be set to yes by default). Maybe in the summary table there could also be a notation (different colour, icon, mouse-over tooltip) when the inclusion status of a charge stop is changed from the default, or when a charge stop time is not included in the drive time for the trip.

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