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Deleting stops in plan is not possible


This has driven me crazy, and make it impossible to use ABP. I want to change my starting point, since I am already on the road, and it won't let me make it anything but "home." I tried to pretend my current location was "home" but no luck. ABP does some things so well, but in the end it too frustrating to use.


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Hi @martingolan,

The thread you replied to was started over a year ago and the UI has changed quite a lot since hence I split the thread to discuss the matter here.

The old thread was about changing the suggested charging stops in a plan but I take it you'd like to change the starting point of the route without going back into planning mode, would that be correct?

In order to change to a completely different starting point than your current position you'll have to go back to planning mode. However, if you have a plan that started from 'my position' you can click: 'replan > latest plan' to have the latest plan including the position, recalculated. The options in the list below 'latest plan' are home, work and your most recently looked up destinations. If you select any of those we'll calculate from your current postion to home, work or any other selected destination.



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