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"No valid plan found" south of Trondheim, Norway



Hit upon as strange error in the last few days with all my attempts to plan a route south of Trondheim, Norway following the E6 end up as "No valid plan found". Have tweaked parameters, and reset again. Have even tried with different car models. But nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Example route: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=4fa9c675-a57d-40dc-9008-82d8235b0c34

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Hi @Atle,

We're currently working on improving how we interpret and use traffic data in situations with road closures. Looking at this route the most reasonable explanation is that somewhere along the most preferable routes there's a road closure. Currently this may result in very slow speeds and very odd plans like this.

There is currently one acceptable route alternative which you can display by clicking the alternatives button (option at the bottom of the list): 


According to google maps, the closure appears to be on E6 between Sørberg and Kvål:

However, at the moment our plan doesn't seem to contain the re-direction which Google proposes, just the much decreased speeds around the closure. Seemingly we don't have the data on the "new road" they've created to re-direct traffic here:

ABRP vs Google maps:

To summarize, this is essentially an issue caused by lack of data in combination with how we handle road closures. In this specific case the result of following the viable route alternative in ABRP shouldn't be too bad since there's no drastic detour suggested in Google maps. But, we would of course want to as complete and reliable as possible for you.

The improvements we're working on will help partly, but how we'd handle road closures where there's a re-direction and it is still possible to pass on a temporary road is a little bit of a different matter. We'll be looking into what can be done!



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