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Premium subscription disappeared


Hi, I have a valid one year subscription, used to work, but it no longer shows up in the iOS app or the web page. 
it is active in iCloud membership, and on the web page I have a message saying I have this, but I doesn’t show up at all in the app. 
when I try toggling options like « real time availability », I’m asked to subscribe. Can you solve this?



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Hi @Gfiastre,

In the account settings of the account registered to the same email account as your forum user it appears that your subscription was ended in February of this year.

Do you have more than one ABRP account? If so, make sure to be logged in to the correct account to access premium features.


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here was the content of the email I sent:

As requested here is an email from the app to solve the Premium membership not appearing. 
Hello ABRP team, I'd like to give you some feedback ...<BR><BR>App version: 4.0.44<BR>Platform: ios<BR>User ID: 117741



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