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Ken G

Set min reference speed for adjusting speed

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Description:  I have seen some suggested trips where the max speed is too far below the speed limit for my comfort, so just as I can set a reference speed that would have me drive a percent above the speed limit, I would like to see a setting where I can say how much slower I am willing to travel with the adjusted speed.  It would also be nice to get an estimate of the time saved when using the slower speed vs faster speed with an extra charge stop.  For example, a recent trip I planned with the suggested speed adjustment vs driving my normal speed with a charge stop was only 6 minutes different (almost like an alternate route suggests the time difference).

I am not sure if a percent below the posted speed limit would be better or a absolute speed below (ie 10kmh below speed limit).

Use Case: I would use this any time I was planning a trip.


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