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Rename cars?


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Found the problem in  my case.

Looks like ABRP reads the name of a Tesla from the Tesla account (and thus more or less directly from the car itself). My Tesla has been in the shop for repair where they also installed an intermediate firmware for diagnostic purpose. This changed the cars name to the random characters which ABRP copied. Unfortunately ABRP did not recognize the old name  when the shop restored my personal data on the car.

Changing the name in the car updated it also in ABRP.

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On 6/17/2021 at 4:41 PM, Katya-ABRP said:

Hi @Lager,

If you click the cogwheel to the right of the saved car in the list you can access vehicle settings where you may edit the name, model, configurations and live data connection.


Well I can't see that on my android atleast.

When i click the car and hold i get the  list with the 'name' on top and a cog on the bottom. opening that  gives me no way to change the name of the car.

Can you show some screenshots from an Android?

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Version 4.1.16 (794) is (still) missing the "edit" button next to the car name in both, the browser version and the android app!

To make it worse the app changed the name of my Tesla to a random set of characters on its own.... ;o(


Frankly on a non Tesla car the Name is still editable...




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more detail added
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