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ABRP does note respect set arrival SOC

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I am planning a return trip using 1 waypoint an set the following SOCs:

  1. Home start SOC: 99%
  2. Waypoint SOC: 50%
  3. Home final SOC: 10%

ABRP finds a route, but I always arrive back home with around 32%, which means that I have to stop longer than needed along the way. I can of course simply stop for a shorter time myself betwen 2. and 3., but I am trying to understand why ABRP wants me to charge more than set in the waypoint setting.

I ahve attached a screenshot of the planning table and the setting for my return home SOC.

abrp home soc.png

abrp table.png

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Just now, Katya-ABRP said:

Hi @Blindside,

Thank you for the link!

It looks like we're not executing the override of 10% properly here. I've had this issue noted and we'll be looking into it.

Until we have it corrected you'll need to lower the value for 'Destination arrival SoC', (the global setting).


Then it looks like an actual bug, that the waypoint settings do not override the global settings correctly within the trip.


Thank you for taking care and passing it on.

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