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Steve Smallcombe

Time zones, saved trips and missing Tesla Supercharger


I have used the departure time from a waypoint to plan a multi-day trip, but if I enter a time, it will typically add an hour or two to the departure time shown in the table.  I assume this is to account for time zones.  Are time times in the table local times?  

My biggest issue is that if I save a trip and load it again, it seems to not remember the departure times I had previously entered.   Is there a fix for this?

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Hi @Steve Smallcombe,

Yes, the times shown in the table is in the local time zone. However, when specifying both a departure time and date for a waypoint there may be issues. (Only specifying a departure time should work.) We are currently working to make the behavior of time zones more consistent.

Saved plans should include departure times. I took a look at your account settings and was able to find a few routes that you had saved which included departure dates and times. If you have created a plan where the departure time is not saved correctly, you are welcome to post it here (or email it to us if you'd prefer) so that we are able to troubleshoot the issue.

As for the Kremmling Tesla Supercharger I do believe that it is includes on our map. Is this the charger you are looking for: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=5714403 ?


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Thanks for the reply.  It is good to know that the times shown in the table are local and I figured that the departure time for a stop has to be in the time zone from which you started the trip, but so far doing that is not always reliable.  Don't know why.  I my case, my return trip involves leaving my brother's house where I can charge, but so far have not been able to set a leaving time for that starting point.  

Yes, that is the charger in Kremmling I was looking for.  I don't know why I didn't see it.



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