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Locating Charge Points

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Hi, I have been looking for this feature, show chargers on the map even when I don’t need to charge, but it never seems to work on my iOS/CarPlay. My scenario is, my commute to work is set as a plan in ABRP and most of the time I don’t need a charge stop, but it would be useful to see chargers on the map as I drive, there maybe a situation where I want to stop for food and decide to charge for a bit as well. Can you tell me how I can enable this please.

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Hi @InDie.3,

This should work well for you in the iOS app but in CarPlay we currently don't display chargers other than those included in your plan. We would like to do so, but then we'd like to support more functionality than just seeing the pin on the map. Presumably, the user would expect to be able to click the pin and see additional info about the charger, just like in the iOS app and this we don't have the functionality for yet. Additionally, elements do have to be rather large in CarPlay and we'd like to avoid covering the map with charger pins in more dense areas so this would need a solution as well, most likely accompanied by better zooming functionality. Definitely something we'll be investigating for the future.

I checked your account settings (account linked to the email you're using here on the forum) and found that you've got pretty strict network preferences as well as network preferences for inactive networks (after we've reviewed and made corrections in our data). Setting higher network preferences like 'use exclusively and prefer' or 'use exclusively' will hide other networks chargers from the map, even those which you've set the 'prefer' preference for. This could be the reason you're not seeing any/many charging points in the iOS app.


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Thank you Katya for your very detailed reply. The functionalities you describe would be amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing those into production. 

I have free charging at the moment from about 7 vendors, that’s why I had them set up as my exclusively  preferred chargers. 

Many thanks

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