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Question regardin OBD2-dongle for live data

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Hi! I'm waiting for my first EV to arrive during summer, a MG ZS EV. After reading about it, I'd like to use ABRPs live data feature for my longer trips.

What OBD2-bluetooth-dongle do you use for it? I've been searching for one with auto-sleep mode as to not unecessarily drain the 12v system (as I'm lazy and probably will forget to disconnect/shut it off manually). Is this actually needed?

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I had the same criteria  - so I opted for the OBDLink LX. It is a bluetooth Dongle which allows a dedicated pairing - hence there
is no danger that someone else is connecting because of the standard pairing 1111 or 1234. This is an abolute NO GO.
When this OBD Dongle is in an idle mode the power consumption is 2mA - nothing to be afraid of. Disadvantage: this device is
rather expensive in Europe: around 75,- Euro

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